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Peter Bell


About Peter Bell

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and educated in England, I am an engineer by training and a marketer by profession. I am now a US citizen and am an avid snow skier during the winter and keen sailor / windsurfer whenever the wind speed is up.

Currently I am working on the Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform, a humanitarian effort.Willie and Peter with fuel nozzels

Renewable Fuel Products Silicon Valley - USA

Co-founded RFP in 2007 to develop a renewable diesel refining system, more info at:

Distribution Drive Dallas, Texas - USA

Founded Distribution Drive in 2003 and co-founded the BioWillie brand of biodiesel with the legendary Texas entertainer, Willie Nelson, in 2004. Distribution Drive was acquired by a NASDAQ listed company in 2005.

Flagship Systems, Inc. Dallas, Texas - USA

Was the co-founder & CEO of Flagship Systems, Inc., the publisher of the accounting software system, Flagship. I started Flagship with my friend and business partner, David Parsley by buying the Flagship accounting package from the Sage Group's Dallas based DacEasy subsidiary. Our successes included running a profitable business for 9 years, generating many successful system sales, being the first accounting software to offer its product as a rental application via the Internet, recruiting an international dealer base, managing up to 20 people in diverse roles and successfully raising venture capital.

Earlier life

I left South Africa in 1979 and was educated as an Engineer in England. My first entrepreneurial attempt was right after school with a venture called Bell Hydro Power. After college, I went to the USA for the first time and shared a house with a bunch of Kiwi's and spent a year as a ski bum in Aspen Colorado. Working nights at Avis rent-a-car and skiing during the day made for a very special year in the Colorado Rocky mountains. I then spent the off season driving from coast to coast until I ran out of money and went back to England. This eye opening trip created the desire to come back to permanently live in America. On return from the USA, I worked for a light manufacturing company in the Midlands of England before joining a small software Value Added Reseller, returning to the US in the mid 1990's.

The Book

I hope to complete a book one day detailing all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to me during my career as an entrepreneur,  the title is "The Trials and Tribulations of the Small Business Man". I hope this will be a book that helps the next generation of entrepreneurs realize what they are in for and helps them fill in the gaps that a formal MBA leaves out. 


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